For me who works as a Official Photographer of Ratta, Ravi Jay and Feryna Wazheir, I have more than 30 International awards now.

Wattage Hemal Perera (Born 16th March 1989, Matara, Sinhala) better known as Hemal Perera, proprietor of Hemal Perera Photography started his career in 2009 and became a famous figure among the photography field during the past few years.

He became one of the successful leading photographer brands in Sri Lanka.
At the beginning, he started to work with top photographers in Sri Lanka as a helper for few years. he learned so many things to buildup his own career to become a top photographer in Sri Lanka.

After 4 – 5 years he started his own business Hemal Perera Photography with the help from his Family (Mother, Father & Wife) to become a leading photographer. Especially he got the best support from his wife as a helper to do his initial works.

She was the lady behind his successful journey. Step by step he has approached Model Shoots, Event Photography, Commercials and presently handling wedding photography as well. Not only from Sri Lankans, he is having a good demand specially from foreigners for his amazing photos. Currently, he is working as an official photographer for some brands,
local and nonlocal celebrities. Including the Bollywood actress Feryna Wazheir , Ratta & Ravi Jay as well. He is a famous photographer among the young generation for the photos, which he is bringing an amazing color balance, glamour, also his skill for daylight photography. That is very unique from other photographers. During his journey of photography, he has grabbed few international awards for his talented works.

Hemal attended St. Thomas’ College, Matara and a degree holder from NIBM for Bachelor of Information Technology. Before his step into the Photography field, he has studied under Mr. Lal Hegoda about the Arts of digital photography along with Art & event Photography.


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