10 Most Valuable Brands In 2022

01. Apple

This year, Apple’s brand worth increased by 55 percent. Its current market value I $947062.


02. Google

In second place, Google’s current market capitalization is $819573, representing a 79 percent growth in brand value.

03. Amazon

Amazon saw a 3% increase in brand value, making its current value at $705646.


04. Microsoft

Microsoft witnessed a 49% increase in brand value, taking its worth to $611460.

05. Tencent

Tencent saw an 11% drop in brand value in 2022. Its current value is $214023.


06. McDonald’s

In the sixth place, McDonald’s stands with a brand value of $196526 witnessing a 27% increase in 2022.


07. Visa

Visa did not see any increase in brand value. It’s total worth is $191023.

08. Facebook

Facebook dropped by 18% in brand value, bringing its worth down to $186241.


09. Alibaba

Alibaba, another Chinese company, saw an 18% drop in value amounting to $169966.


10. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton paved its way to the top 10 list with a 64% increase in brand value. Its total worth is $124273.


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