When People dont have reasons to blame me,they called me stammerer

I got a call one day. The number is unknown. A lady spoke other ends. She is a mother.

“I have a son. He is 16 years old and has the same problem you have. I took my son everywhere to find a way to cure him. How am I cure him? ”

When I ask her “where are you living?” she said “I live in a house near your office”

“Well ok! I come office now can you bring your son with you” I said.

She was surprised at first but she agreed to come. Then she came with her child. I got to know her child had passed the ordinary level examination very well and he ready to go to another school for advanced level education.

“Why?” I asked further.

“People say nonsense and make fun of him,” mother said.

I will tell you the advice I gave him

“You have several methods to get rid of those problems. If you say me a stammering one and making fun of, I have different ways to react. The first reaction is getting angry. The next one is to be sad. Or you can take it as just a joke and laugh with them.”

“Stammering is some kind of a birth sign like skin color which is black or white. This is something that cannot completely be cured”

“You don’t want a deep meaning to understand this. Our talking is controlled by one side of the brain. The other side controls artistic things. There is a rewiring going on in our brain. Stammering like a light on and off when the switch on and off. So this can’t cure. The only thing we can do is used to it.”

“How do you gonna react to this, will you be happy or sad,” I asked.
“It’s your choice to be happy or angry but before that, you should accept yourself. You don’t have a way if you try to hide this.”
After I said

” If a man who speaks without stuttering effort same thing as you you should work twice hard than him. You shouldn’t angry with society about someone take an opportunity easily than you”

“Understand things I said clearly. Focusing on your work is easy if you understand. Feelings like sad and angry are normal things among children. I still remember I have even fight with kids who make fun of me in school. But that is not the right thing to do. I accept that I am stuttering then I don’t care what people said about it.”

After I said these things a smile came to that shy boy. I said him to make a lot of friends in the new school as one of his objectives.

Some people don’t like me on social media like Facebook. Some blame me for whatever I said. Some people blame me for my stuttering when they don’t have a thing to say. But I look at them optimistic.

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