Vijayaraj , Popularly Known as’ Kilinochchi Express’, Entered the World of Cricket as a Member of the Jaffna Stallions’ LPL Team.

Vijayaraj , popularly known as’ Kilinochchi Express’, entered the world of cricket as a member of the Jaffna Stallions’ LPL team.

His story is a unique story.
One of the teams of the Gammedda programme which was launched in 2016 was going door to door in the Kilinochchi district inquiring about the problems of the people.
When our group visited there, Vijayaraj was at his home in a remote village called Pallai.
Our group went to his home because we were tired.
At that time Vijayaraj was watching a cricket match on television. Then he engaged in a conversation with Chathuranga Rajapaksa of the Newsfirst Gammedda team.
At that time, he had said, “I like to play cricket. I can bowl fast and I like the way Lasith Malinga bowls.”
Many moments in our lives are limited to such conversations.
However, Chathuranga and his team Asked Vijayaraj to show his skills.
About six feet tall and skinny Vijayaraj did not hesitate to show off his skills. Wearing a torn dress, Vijayaraj took an old leather ball and went to the back of the house. There was one wicket in the corner of the garden. That was his goal, and what happened next, struck everyone who saw the scene. Vijayaraj ran and directed the ball with lightning speed. Every time the ball was directed, the wicket broke and scattered, astonishing all who were watching.

Jeffrey Jebdarshan, a member of Gammedda Group, who saw Vijayaraj’s specialty, informed the Group Director of Capital Maharaja Group, Shevan Daniel about it. After informing Mr. Rajamahendran,the chairmen of capital maharaja group, they decided to recruit Vijayaraj to News 1st without any hesitation.

As a result, the young man came to Colombo to work for News 1st. While working there, his aim was to get the opportunity to play cricket in a sports club.

“I remember the first time I met Vijay. He was very shy and could not speak Sinhala. But I saw the determination in his eyes. I will never forget it. ”

Group Director Shevan Daniel recalled how Vijay behaved when he first arrived in Colombo.

In the next four years, Vijayaraj experienced both victory and defeat. Although Vijayaraj has been praised by top coaches in many countries, to date he has never played in a first line. Even though he defeated some famous Sri Lankan cricketers in the match, it is still a question, why he could not join a sports club.

However, his determination and undefeated attitude paid off with the phone call saying that he was selected for the Jaffna Stallions team for the LPL tournament.
The best time to make that call was that. Due to corona pandemic situation he did exercises by pulling on a rubber belt tied to the door of his rented room to keep his hand strong and flexible.

Vijayaraj can speak clear Sinhala with his friends on News 1st.

‘Gammedde Vijayaraj’
That’s how his friends call him.
Vijayaraj’s story encourages us in the midst of the different lifestyles we experience with the corona pandemic. Similarly, Wije’s story is the best example of the power of self power and confident.
Congratulations Vijayaraj!. You are already a hero….!!!

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