There Weren’t Even 80 Subscribers before Two Weeks but now I have 100,000 Subscribers. – Sandaru Sathsara

I am studying my higher education in music faculty at the University of the Visual and Performing Arts. I am in 2nd year now. I created this channel in December 2020 for music purposes. There weren’t even 90 subscribers before two weeks but now I have 85000 subscribers. I didn’t create it for YouTube, I created it as a TikTok and posted it on Facebook to have fun with friends. Someone had uploaded it to TikTok. Two million watched that video on TikTok. That is not a big thing as I understand. People in our country can’t pronounce English songs well. Also, Indians have a weird pronunciation. So I sang a song, mixed those two pronouns, and changed the music.

That is how this concept began. I have done 3 songs. Now, this is viral in nearby countries as well. Countries like Indonesia and the philippine. But I wanted to give our things to the world with music. I hope this will help me to do that.

– Sandaru Sathsara –

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