She Fled to the United States With Her Parents When She Was 9 Months Old Because of Civil War

If you can think of something, you can definitely do it..

Here you can see Krishanti Vignarajah who fled civil war in Sri Lanka with her parents who were school teachers in this country. She was 9-month-old baby girl when they left.

She had to live in an unfamiliar environment with lot of strangers. She earned money with her own dedication and effort. When she was 25, she holds four-degree certificates. Among them there were 3 degrees from Yale University and a Master of Philosophy degree from Oxford University.

Krishanthi is also a lecturer at Georgetown University. She lives in a Maryland in US. She was a one of strongest leading social welfare worker in Maryland. When it comes to concern about her power of intelligence and personality , During Barack Obama’s presidency she was the director of political and social affairs as well as advisor of Michelle Obama. In Wikipedia she is called as a former advisor to Michelle Obama.

She is competing for the post of governor this time from the democratic party, which is one of the two major parties in the US
She is 38 now. Vignarajah is the youngest lady who competing to the post of Governor of the US. As Sri Lankans we highly appreciate your encouragement and effort.

Excerpt by Nisal Lahiru

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