My Salary Starts At Rs. 34,000 And After 3 Years My Salary Comes to Rs. 1 Million. | Thakshila Koralage

I worked as an Accountant Assistant for 3 years. I had a big need in my life. That need is my father. I needed an income for my father. He was very ill. He was a kidney patient. I got a small salary of 20,000 rupees. I came to Colombo expecting a salary of around Rs. 30,000. Although there were relatives in Colombo, I was in a boarding place. That was a big challenge for me. Because to work with a big company without knowing any of the roads I have never met, but I accept this challenge because in this world I love mom and dad the most so I thought I could make any sacrifice for those two.


Since June 6, 2016, I have been going for 5 interviews first. They did not take me because they do not want to give me a 30,000 salary. They say let’s see for a month or two.

Parents have been watching since childhood Make engineers make their children doctors. But if those mothers know that there is a profession called wealth planner, that doctor would make the same sacrifice for this. My salary starts at Rs. 34,000 and after 3 years my salary comes to Rs. 1 million. At the age of 3… I am now using my third vehicle.

I have great humble pride in this. Because I’ve got things I never thought possible in my life. Closing tours has never been a dream in my life.

I really wanted to find another 5,000 and get my dad’s medicine. Today I have a big income, I have a vehicle, I built my house in 6 months and I am very proud of these things. In fact, the biggest pride I have today is that my mother is happy and I will get a lot more in life through this career.

My dad died before I could get my first salary. If anyone asks, July 29, 2016, is the saddest day of my life. My dad will be gone on the 20th and 29th when I get the code. I do not have a single rupee to spend on my father’s funeral. I do not know how much I fell into life then but I have no right to fall in life because I can not let what happened to my father happen to my mother. I will start life again for my mother. But I have a greater purpose for my father.

I wanted to do something for the helpless mothers and fathers in the country as soon as my father passed away. So I’m convinced I can do that with my current career. I’m still working as a wealth planner. I do not have a degree yet. I want to build a hospital for these miserable parents and a place where they can be spiritually and mentally happy in the last days. This is a multi-billion project. I can’t do this alone. When I come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position.

I believe there is nothing in this world that cannot be changed if a person has a purpose in life if he has the determination if he can make a sacrifice if he has self-confidence. Otherwise, a Thakshila would not be born today.

How to live How to do meritorious deeds How to help people I have money in my hand today for all this. By now people not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world have lost their jobs and their salaries are stagnant. Our people still do not want to take a risk. We have a lot of opportunities. We do not need to take those opportunities.

Nothing in life can take us without sacrifice. If anyone in this world is advanced, they will make a great sacrifice one day in their life. Because I ate an unspeakably big chunk about 1 year old. Made an indescribably great sacrifice. I always imagined my family and my mother. I have two brothers and a younger brother. I always thought about family happiness. We can make any sacrifice for those we love.

There are a lot of families living today because I am doing a great profession. What we really do is how to enjoy someone’s retirement life. How do we support the higher education of the children that the parents plan to do through things like this? I did not realize the importance of this profession until my teachers taught me.

Most people want to start their own business. Become an Entrepreneur. But most people do not have the required path.

– Thakshila Koralage –
(Supreme Wealth planner MDRT & COT)

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