My Only Purpose Was to Start the Works Required to Harvest All The Fallow Paddy Lands in Our Country by 22nd February 2022. | Nalaka Senadeera

My only purpose was to start the works required to harvest all the fallow paddy lands in our country by 22nd February 2022. I planned to start my works on 2021 ‘Yala’ season.


I studied at Dedigama Parakumba Vidyalaya in Kegalla.I started cultivation of fallow paddy fields in May 2019.Agriculture will be the most important in the next ten years in Sri Lanka. It’s not the automotive industry, inventions or factories that matter most. Lands in Sri Lanka will become the most valuable lands all over the world in the future.

I like farming since I was a child. But I wanted to be an actor or an artist. Then I joined the National Youth Centre and became one of the most prestigious students in the drama school in 2008. When I was a child, I acted in a teledrama called ‘Pini Bindu’ telecast in Derana.I had to work with Mr. Dharmapriya Dias. Also acted in Stage dramas. I became the best actor in Nuwara Eliya district of the Central province in 2010. I was mostly involved in stage dramas. Because I was able to enjoy my freedom there.I spent time to help those dramas.

Then I got a chance to join the ‘Kubiyo’ teledrama. In episodes 5,6,7 of that teledrama, I played the role of Ruba who sells positive thinking books. From young age, I had an idea to write a book.I got that opportunity and had a chance to write a book of poetry , ‘Paraga’ in 2014. Then I wrote a book of poetry and short story named ‘ Kiri Dii Hadu Nai’.

There are so many fallow paddy lands in Sri Lanka. They also have owners. Firstly we join with divisional secretaries and choose paddy fields. Then give those fields to the people who don’t have paddy fields but can cultivate. Then an intermediate group is created. Our goal is to build a connection between these groups. Then the people who have paddy fields but difficult to cultivate now, can handover those paddy fields those who can. As a result rice will be transport from village to the city, to another house without rice. This is very simple method. That is what I am planning in these days.

This is a great hope for the citizens in our country.Because of that we have to reach those targets. If you see a fallow field, don’t think it belongs to you, think it belongs to our country.

In 2022, we must cultivate all fallow paddy fields. In 2021, we will get ready for it. If there are any missed places by the 22nd of February in 2022, we will complete them as well.

If you know helpless people who lived in abroad, the biggest and the only help we can do is send them medicines. This should be a world-wide project which has to be done by Ministry of health in this country.

If we calculate how much money have sent us by Sri Lankans who are in abroad, it will be a huge amount of money. They work so hard to earn this money. If we could send medicines for them it would be worth. We send medicinces like Rasakinda, Venival, Nelli, Ranawara, koththamalli,…as much as we can. We have supported 36 countries in the world.

At that moment, I request the people of our country to live somehow. If you don’t protect yourselves, you will not be able to find answers to anything. We will not be able to help victims. As Sri Lankans I swear we have great strength to face all the problems.

– Nalaka Senaadeera-

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