My Beloved Son, I’m So Happy Today…You Passed The Scholarship Examination With 99 Marks

Nowadays there is a discussion on social media about a little teacher who helped a child with special needs to pass the last scholarship examination. her name is hiruni nadeeshani. this is the note she posted on her Facebook Account about that little child. (translated into English)

“My beloved son.I’m so happy today…You passed the scholarship examination with 99 marks under special needs children even though you are unable to speak or write. son, i know it wasn’t very easy. the society called you as ‘an abnormal child, but for your mother, you are an ordinary child as others. when your parents looking for a school for you, all schools responded that their schools would not suit for such child. finally…. you got the chance to enter vijaya college karagampitiya.

you know why your mother needs to send you to an ordinary school.?  because she wanted you to study as a normal child in a normal classroom.
she wanted to let you know that you are also an ordinary child just like others. The principal thero of our school accepted that challenge. eventually he was able to face that challenge successfully.he got the chance to recieve scholarship for children with special needs. you know you had to face a lot of obstacles. they said that a child like you could not be allowed to face the examination

but in the end, you overcome every single obstacles you went through son.. i’m lucky enough to teach you even for a six months. Arandara teacher took all the other responsibilities.  i know…no one or nothing can stop you from fulfilling your destiny. keep moving forward. one day my son.. you will be successful incredibly.

in your sign language this is ‘your tall teacher..”

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