Learn From Smith, How to Bounce Back When Life Knocks You Down.

Smith, who joined the Australian national team in 2010, became the team captain in 2015. He joined as a spinner. But he was able to become No.1 in the test ranking in 2015.
He was named as best batsmen after Don Bradman, the greatest batsman in the world of cricket. This is enough to make you realize that he was very talented.

Smith was suspended for damaging a ball when he was playing 2018 match against South Africa. Smith was the captain of their team. Also he was one of the legends at that time period. Therefore, this incident caused a lot of damage to the cricket field.
After the suspension, Smith comes back to cricket in March, 2019 not as a hero. He came back with the label of a cheater. When he came back no one thought that the old super batsmen would come out again. Smith loses to Afghanistan by 18 points in the first match of the World Cup 2019. After that, during a match in India, the audience shouted at him, calling as a cheater. At the time, Kohli defended him.. Also, Kohli told in front of the media, “A man cannot have two punishments for one penalty. There can be only one punishment. He suffered it. Please let him be the man he was before.”

After the World Cup, Australia joined the’ Alu Baduna’ tournament. It was the first test match he played after his suspension. There he scores 144 points and showed that the old talented batsman could not be removed so easily. He showed this skills when the Australian innings ended with eight wickets. And by the end of 2019, Smith was No. 1 in the ICC test rankings as usual.

Smith tells us a beautiful story. At any moment, your wealth, honour and possessions you have earned can be lost. They can be earned faster than losing.
Smith, who fell from the top, came up again.

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