If You Are Doing Tuition, Do Only It. There Were Many Who Did Tuition, And They Didn’t Succeed In Their Degree.

I’m Adya Gunasekara. I’m 24 years old. I got my primary education at Anula Devi Balika Vidyalaya and received my secondary education at Janadipathi Balika Vidyalaya . I selected biology stream for advanced levels and currently I am a third year student(final year) at Rajarata University, Sri Lanka . I study Applied science (Chemistry ,Physics ,CS) over there. During my studies I conduct classes for students from grade 6-11 at four institutes in Galle and even work as a chemistry teacher for advanced level students and conduct group classes for them.

Until I finished Advanced levels I had a keen desire to become a doctor . Though I had another chance , I didn’t think of a third shy . So that I thought to register for any course that would accept my results and enter in to a University.
I had a slight desire to do tuition just in a corner and deep in my heart . Since I was a juvenile , I had huge dreams . I wanted to be successful in my own way .

I didn’t want to work under anybody .And even didn’t want to be blamed . In the month of November of 2017,I stepped in to the University with a handful of hopes. Started tuition in the month of December. Degree is a must for tuition . At the moment,that of paramount importance for me. Although I fancied, I was nervous. Because I was thinking like..”how should I give it a start?”
Talking infront of many students… bothered me much. Because I was mostly a silent girl.
I first started a class at home. There was only two students in the very first day. I felt anxious.

When I started classes in January 2019,there were only two students . And now, I conduct classes in my own educational institute as well as in 4 other educational institutes.
Since I am from Rajarata University , visiting Galle , every week is a huge challenge.
Some friends said ,
– How can you travel such a long distance every week?
– Why are you being so much tired? Do you do all these for just 10 students? Such a shame ..
– It may have been better if you started classes when you first finished this thing off.
– Isn’t all your income get over when you spend it just for travelling ?

And some others said,”If you are doing tuition,do only it. There were many who did tuition, and they didn’t succeed in their degree. Just do one, right and perfect! You’ve got tuition in your head as well as in your mouth.
Seriously, are you insane?
However, my target was to be a skilled science teacher.

Most probably boys chose this field . It is very rare to see a girl dealing with this field, and rarer to see one at her very young age. When I filled the campus book I added far away universities first and above in the list and added nearer ones at the bottom. That is because I wanted to travel long way . That was a challenge which was even big. Travelling Anuradhapura to Galle every week! That is not something normally a girl should do. That sounds lazy for most of the girls .
I have never thought I can’t! It takes 7 hours just to go from Anuradhapura to Galle. It may because I love it….I never feel those hours . I never felt bored in it. I am never tired when I reached the destination . I could do classes as soon as I came . That is how I love this field. “TUITION” make me feel refreshed. More than a drop of water and more than a deep breadth. This is how I love it. I am craving for it each and every day.
At first I was blamed even by my parents as there was no much students . My father said me to stop the classes one day . Nonetheless, not they realize that my descision wasn’t wrong.They are indeed glad to see me here now.In this place.


In each occasion, people who do their things for long with dedication, win without any doubt. Then you should cotton on why some others won’t.
People don’t do things for long.
Only a least amount of people would do.
The reason is that , though they have dreams, targets and hopes they never like to work for them. Dedicate things on behalf of them.
Reason is that many have the desire for them, yet, theyare not craving for them . Nevertheless there are a very least amount of people who have keen desires and dreams and they are ready to work hard for them.
So that , what ever the field they select they are capable of going higher and higher in it.

Achievements ….????
I have entred the tuition field at the very young age as a girl who is an expected degree holder.
“According to my knowledge,I am the youngest girl who entred the tuition field, conducting huge tuition classes in galle district .”

Apart from that when I was schooling in 2011 I was selected for maths olimpiyad competion.I have received many achievements from science ,Zonal and district competitions.

Future plans?…….

To start an educational institute of mine and work as a Chemistry teacher for Advanced levels and to work as a science teacher for grade 6-11 students . I wish to be a loved teacher of my students . Also I’ve got an idea to start tuition in some of the main cities in Sri Lanka .
Every degree holder expect to take a job from government or private sector when they just leave the University.
They don’twant to do something new or start anything on their own. If they are capable of going ahead with some ability they have got, in my point of view, that is the place where you have got sucess. In short, my expectation is to be a skilled Chemistry teacher and a 6-11 science teacher.

If you are afraid to take descisions , correct or not, success is a dream!

No matter how hard you try in your life, yet ,you can’t succeed unless you become smart!

– Adhya Gunasekara –

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