“I failed the O/L English. I did not even have courage to sit for the A/L English paper. But I got a FIRST-CLASS DEGREE IN ENGLISH MEDIUM from University of Sri Jayewardanapura.”

I did my O/L in 2001, and I got very average result for O/L. (4 As, 4Bs, 1 S and 1 W out of ten subjects). Then, I came to the interview from my village school to one of the best schools in the Galle city for A/L. I was rejected by the interview board due to this average result. I think that was the first rejection and greatest turning point in my life. Those days that school got the district first in commerce in every year and I just wanted to be there for that reason. However, due to the rejection at the interview, I thought that I would not allow being the first in the district go to that school in the year I was doing A/L. I went back to my school thinking that I would bring the first in the district to my school. After that I did my A/L in 2004 from Batemulla National School and became Galle District first and also the island third in commerce stream. Thus, it was realized that school would not be a problem to achieve our targets; our dedication to achieve the target would be the most important thing.

I failed the O/L English. I did not even have courage to sit for the A/L English paper. But after the A/L exam I dedicated and made up for my shortcomings in English. Finally, I got a FIRST-CLASS DEGREE IN ENGLISH MEDIUM from University of Sri Jayewardanapura, one of the Best Management Faculty in South Asia.

My dad was a businessman but by the time we were doing A/L all his business was down. After that, he gave up all his business and started farming. It was a very difficult time in our lives. At that time, I helped him lot to cultivate paddy fields and so on. while I was doing these things, I determined that one day I would change all these from 180 degree.

After A/L, I entered university of Sri Jayewardenepura. It was at university second year that i met my wife. Like me she was the third in all island in Commerce stream and Kegalle District first in her A/L in 2006 from Kegalle Balika Vidyalaya. We came to society from middle class families. We both did well at our degree and got First-class degree in Finance. In final year on campus we both together bought our first brand new car. We did Chartered Accountancy together, today both of us are qualified Chartered Accountants. I did my Master’s degree in Norway. I have worked as a permanent lecturer at both University of Kelaniya and University of Ruhuna.

It was in the year 2008 that I started my career as a Chartered Accountant as an audit trainee. Today I am a partner in our Audit firm named PBC Associates and I am a director of our companies called PBC Management Consultants (Pvt) Ltd & PBC Agro (Pvt) Ltd.  At present our audit firm has expanded the branch network to Colmobo, Anuradapura, Rathnapura. Currently, we are in a capacity to provide training for large number of Chartered students.

Currently, I am a famous tuition teacher, teaching A/L economics to students in Galle & Matara. When I started classes in Galle, not a single student came on the first day. On the second day only one student came. However, two years after starting such classes, our Econ class was able to produce District firsts in both Art and Commerce Stream. So far, we have created leading Econ class for both Galle & Matara districts. This year too, a large number of students have been selected for Universities with A pass in Economics. Our sole motive is to produce a generation that is PERFECT IN HUMAN QUALITIES that who can follow in our footsteps.

– Piyal Kithsiri –

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