As a lyricist My Only Wish is to Go a Big Journey Those Who Intersts and New About Music but Still Doesn’t Know The Real Path… I Want to do My Best to Make Their Success. | Dilan Gauthamadasa

My name is Dilan Gautamdasa.. Most people in the music field know me as ‘Gautam’. I started writing songs in 2014. My school is Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya, Panadura. With the success of participating in poetry competitions in the grade 6, the desire to write doubled and tripled and I became a music freak and finally in 2014 I did my first song. I only knew the meaning of the word ‘music’ and I never studied music. I used to do art as an aesthetic subject for OL. So there are no family background musicians. Stepping into a music studio when Tiber was doing his first song. So after the music fever that I had before entering the studio door, the desire doubled. The first song was done at my expense because we only make a profit if we invest. I thought I was investing that money in a course so I happily spent it.

I can say without fear that I am here today because of the investment I made then. When the first song was played, a lot of people in the industry talked to me about making it a hit overnight. After the song, I was the only one left. Now I have to spend and keep myself at home listening to and enjoying the song for about a year. Those who said they would help me then are still missing. In the meantime I met a nice man we all know is Sandun Perera. It was also a time when the song ‘Ayet Warak’ was very popular at that time. Sandun put my song on the web which I had kept at home for a year. There was no such thing as youtube phobia at that time. If it weren’t for Sandun, maybe I would still be listening at home. When I put it on the web, it became popular among the people and I was categorized as a lyricist. The second and third songs continued.

While Dilan Gautama was gradually becoming known as a lyricist in this field, a few words came to my mind. A famous song When that song came out, I came to a certain place with the song. Many thanks to Rahal Aiya and Shenuka Aiya every day. Then I created my own path as a lyricist. During my journey back then, I created some more famous songs by myself and now I have done up to 39 songs. But this journey had a lot of momentum and a lot of experience. In the early days, someone told me, ‘Can you even clap your hands to a tune?’ So, the flower songs that they are still looking for are the hits in the chart shows of the same channel. New we have a lot of short cuts. If there was no platform like Fb instragram, we would not be able to find new and talented people like us. D Productions and One pro productions are my two hands in the journey of listening to such stories till today. Except for a few songs, most of the songs I wrote were written by my own production house called D Productions.

The goal is not to let anyone eat the pain I suffered, that is, I did the first song and kept it at home for a year. So when I got to the point where I really hated music, I found Sandun Perera for my pin. Not everyone gets sandals. So I don’t let everyone make a song out of me, they just have to sing and wait. It’s my job to make people happy, so while D Production is doing that, One Pro is giving opportunities to new writers. I am also a writer. The writers never helped me. So I give opportunities to those who can write without greed to link them to my songs productions and I sing a lot only to newcomers because I want to replace other people in this place. . Music is not someone’s legacy, it depends on the ability, ability and availability of anyone in the field to enter that space. In addition to writing songs, I teach Russian and my biggest dream is to do beautiful work with the Russian language and Sinhala. Now the foundation has been laid.

I get a lot of support from Russia. I can proudly say that like all other newspapers published in Sri Lanka, ARTICLES has gone about me. I am happy about the return journey. The shadow of it all is my mom and dad and the special person in everyone’s life. Many thanks to them, they still MOTIVATATE me today. My father is a police inspector in the Sri Lanka Police Department. Someone is done. The biggest strength for Dylan Gautama was that the people in the media were the ones in the field who helped a few. Experience has shown that there is a clear path to emerge from one’s own creation.

– Dilan Gauthamadasa –

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