A New Record from Yupun Abeykoon

“Today is my best time ever recorded. 10.08 sec. Next, the Ostrava Golden Spike was a childhood dream of mine. This stadium is a place where a lot of Legends have set foot. So today I was able to run a race with the best people in the world in the same stadium thinking of watching a race in a place like that. The next story is the best one. Johan Balek of Jamaica is the second fastest man in the world. From both 100M & 200M. He told me (I showed two posts on Facebook that Sri Lankans are talking about you and me in the race today. Thank you Sri Lankans)

I wish he was happy with what I have done so far this season. That too yesterday. Before the race. I do not think there’s anyone better to listen to than Blake and Bolt. It’s the greatest honor I have ever received in my life. These are dreams I created alone when I was a child.” – Yupun Abeykoon 

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