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The Creator Of ‘Rich Kids Sri Lanka’ Instagram Account Reveals Why He Posts Photos of Wealthy People’s Extravagant Lives

Everyone loves to live a luxurious life. But if you’re not rich, the idea of living a luxurious life might seem impossible. Life is full of choices, but you’re not always allowed to have everything you want. That’s the nature of the world.


People find comfort in their dreams because it motivates them to pursue their goals. If you’re a Sri Lankan Instagram user who loves exotic cars, pretty girls and luxurious life, you should probably know about Rich Kids Sri Lanka.

The ‘Rich Kids Sri Lanka‘ Instagram account currently has 21.5K followers. These followers get the chance to explore the luxurious lives of untouchable rich kids in Sri Lanka.

Did you ever wonder who is behind this Instagram account and what do they expect from posting eye-catching photos of millionaire’s lives?

We met the owner of this famous Instagram account and questioned him about the purpose of it. Sri Lankan entrepreneur Brendon Shanil is the creator of Rich Kids Sri Lanka.

Brendon says that his intention is to inspire everyone to achieve greatness in their lives. That’s the sole purpose behind this Instagram account. He believes that people get motivated to work hard to buy luxury cars and live a luxurious lifestyle when they see the opulent lifestyles of rich people. Brendon always makes sure to post high-quality and engaging content to fulfill the followers’ hearts with hope and motivation.