Rare honour for Sri Lanka; Dr. Pethiyagoda wins Linnean Medal for Zoology

The Linnean Society of London awarded Dr. Rohan Pethiyagoda, Sri Lanka’s top biodiversity expert, the Linnean Medal for Zoology 2022 on Tuesday (24).

Dr. Rohan Pethiyagoda has contributed to the knowledge and protection of Sri Lanka’s and the region’s amazing freshwater fish variety by doing original research and providing help to others.

His mammoth Freshwater Fishes of Sri Lanka, published in 1991, was regarded as a watershed moment, covering the island’s unique ichthyofauna in greater depth and authority than ever before.

In addition to fish, his program of original and collaborative study (both in Sri Lanka and abroad) has resulted in publications on a variety of zoological groups.

His production and catalytic influence on biodiversity study in Sri Lanka and worldwide cannot be underestimated.

For naturalists, the Linnean Medal may be compared to the Nobel Prize. The Linnean Medal was established in May 1888 to commemorate the Society’s centennial that year.

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