Never Let Anyone Steal Your Dream | Rahmath A. Cader

I was born in Gampola. I have been interested in IT since I was in school. I remember that I was the only one who selected ICT as a bucket subject when I was grade 10. In that year I was the only one who wrote ICT Sinhala medium paper for O/L examination in our school. That’s where I started to be different from others. I think that was my turning point. Then I worked as a Clark for three months in a private IT class, located in Kotugodalla Street in Kandy until the result came. The salary was eight thousand rupees.
Those three months were the most memorable months of my life. Only Raja Veediya and the Clock Tower in Kandy, know the pain I suffered.

Why Raja veediya? Clock Tower?
I said that I worked in an IT class as clerk for three months; first job I had to do is to look after the person who provided leaflets!!! Yes.. In Nuwara leaflets are distributed by those who work for hire. They are paid between 500-600 rupees for 1000 leaflets. So if they issue two leaflets for one, it will be a loss to the institution. That’s why I’m standing five feet away from him. By the way that was a super experience. From there I got a great education about marketing, I learned a lot about designing!!

Then I received O/L results with A pass for ICT. I was able to do A/L. But I didn’t do A/L. I did an ICT- NVQ L-4 course at Kirinda VTA. Then I trained three months in the Department of animal production and health, human resource development section in Peradeniya..Very friendy staff and less workload.
For the remaining three months, I had to go to Kundasala, Digana road for ICT training.. I stayed at gampola. But my training was in Digana. There was nothing to do. I have to go. It was very difficult. Because I lived in a small village called Sakkarankotuwa in Kahatapitiya.

So I arrived from Kahatapitiya around 4 a.m. From there I took a bus for Kandy and got off at Goodshed, ran up to the clock tower, took Kundasale 625 bus and got off at Warapitiya junction. Then walked another five minutes to halt and took Manikhinna bus to go to office. The same difficulty when coming back. Furthermore there was also a lot of office work as well.
Then I passed NVQ L-4 ICT exam.
Anyway after that training I started and finished NVQ L-5 ICT course. During this journey I started my own academy called SMART IT Academy. When I started this I had two years of experience in IT field, and had a great idea about marketing… I’m the only one who knew my capacity.

At the beginning, they said “don’t be crazy. Will you be able to start and continue something so serious?” But I didn’t want to stop.
I summarized what I have learned so far.. hard-earned Marketing knowledge, IT knowledge from NVQ , and the things I had learned from YouTube and Google .then I gave it to the world through the page. Now, undergraduates all over country, police officers, teachers, monks, school children are doing courses at my academy. You can also see their success and their responses from this link.

Everyday a recording was playing inside my head
“Don’t be crazy. Will you be able to start and continue something so serious?”
Here are the words that brought me to success.Today in my academy, 300+ teachers teach for thousands of children.. If I put my head down from the first time that society said, “can you do that much?” then today I am also just a usual officer doing 8-5 job. That day I stand up with courage and said “yes I can”. Still I’m in that mood. Now our academy target is six digits a day!!!

I save 20% of what I earn. Spend 20% on consumptions, 20% for charities for cancer hospital, animal welfare and invest remaining 40% back into my brands and business.This is my theory!!!
This is the secret I came so far. Now I have five brands and an island wide courier service. A special tribute to my mother and father, to all the teachers who taught from grade one, and to my beloved school.

You can see this story from different angles. You can also give different interpretations. But I think we should do what we like to do. That is where the success of life comes from.. As well as peace of mind..
“We should never allow anyone to steal our dreams”

– Rahamath A. Cader  (Founder Of SMART IT ACADEMY) –

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