Most People Know about me since the Time that Famous YouTuber Ratta’s Channel was Banned – Sajeewa Dissanayake

After I left school I got a job at Airtel telecommunication company through a dealer. I was working in sales. Then I worked as a customer service associate for Dialog company. Currently, I am working for a bank.

I am not a businessman. I do consult and I also have sung five songs. ‘Ikman wela’, a song that I have done in 2016 is the most famous one.

I was starting to study these things in 2014/2015. I didn’t know how to do a song myself and promote it. There was a package system among television channels at that time. About half a million rupees want to play a song on their channels. That is too much for me. I was thinking about how I put forward my song. Then I realize platforms like youtube will replace the television in the future. So I started to learn digital marketing.

Most people know about me since the time that famous YouTuber Ratta’s channel was banned. I helped him to recover the channel when his entire youtube channel was wiped out and he even couldn’t use Google services. I also helped the Jany Priyay channel when their all subscribers lose because they change some settings for a comparing. I am the one who able to recover over a hundred thousand subscribers. The same thing happened to Lakai Sikai.

What I have done was here work as an intermediary and communicate with YouTube or Facebook. I help with my experience. There isn’t a lot of work to do to recover a channel or a page. The only thing just fills a form and hangover to YouTube. Your account will recover in 24 hours but this form is not available on the web. I got it because I communicate with them previously. Now things are easy. The only thing I have to do is submit the form after fill details in.

There are many social media consultants, Strategists now. Even if someone passes 500 000 likes on Facebook he updates his job states as a social media strategist and then handles a famous person’s social media such as a politician’s or an artist. They, not social media strategists. That is not the job. But how to develop a digital brand? and how to achieve our goals are in here. That is what a digital media strategist does.

I manage over 30 brands on Facebook now. Besides I have about 100 profile because the people I helped will never remove me from their pages.

For example Sanka Dineth, Janay Priyay, Nadini Premadasa, Ratta, Shihan Mihiranga, Camera LK, and many others. But Shehan Mihiranga’s engagement can’t see in any other brand in Sri Lanka. Still, get over 1500 messages but I didn’t see that fan base anywhere.

Now you can see many persons said they can give that many views and subscribers to your channel. If you become a YouTuber to create content why you can’t just earn subscribers and views from them. Are you even pay for views then you shouldn’t think to become a YouTuber. Those are spam. They haven’t enough people to boost channels manually.

If you are a content creator you have to level up by doing new things. Don’t do this if you pay for views since the inception.

– Sajeewa Dissanayake –

(Content Writter – Our Economics)

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