I Have Over a Million Monthly Income Now. It Took Me First Three Years to Earn the First Dollar.

Houses in Sri Lanka were made of clay 30 or 40 years ago. So, I was growing up in a house made of clay. It is normal. My parents had not a strong financial background. They opened a shop using Rs. 5000 loan. They fed me and my brother and send us to the school in town by the income of shop. While I was studying like that, I met a kid. That was a turning point in my life. He had a computer. We became friends in 1st grade but we turned into best friends in 3rd grade. One day, my mathematical box was broken and I asked my mother for a new one. She said back ” Son, I don’t have enough money to buy that today so use the current one for now”. The next day, my friend saw my broken mathematical box when I was in school. He asked “Buddy, your mathematical box is broken isn’t it?” He gave his mathematical box to me and on that day and said, “You can use this”.

Our friendship is still going after like 20 years. We missed chess class and go my friend’s home to see his computer. I had not even touched a computer before that day. We started to play games and do other things since then. There are no heavy games like today back in the days. We played a game called “Batta”.

If I can tell my origin story from the beginning, I can say enough for people to cry. Everybody’s stories like that if we look since 50 years back. So nothing special about my story. I should talk base on that.

After O/L, the time that I was at home until the beginning of my A/L studies, I used to go to a cafe when I went to town. Charges are Rs. 50 per hour. Somehow I find that money and go to a cafe. But not for gaming, I did that because I can find new things on the internet.

Many successful persons say they are failed at the A/L examination. Some people take that as a motivation to not studying well. There is an opinion now that education doesn’t matter. I studied physical science for A/L and failed. I had done bad things until the O/L examination and school has gone to expel me three times. They said me they can’t let me do the O/L exam because if I failed that would be a disgrace for the school. But somehow I passed O/L.

When I was going to tuition classes for A/L, I went to the cafe and use the money for class fees to pay. But I didn’t bad works. I learned how to create free websites. A friend told me about a service called AdSense and we can make money from it. It was 2008 as I remembered. Only elakiri.com pops up in my head when I think about websites at that time and there is nobody to teach or tell those things to us. But we took that risk. I failed the A/L examination after 2 years but I had learned a different module. I had learned many things. If they made a question paper with those things I could get a result that be able to enter the university directly.

Now 12 years old to the project I started that day. It took the first three years to earn the first dollar. That was the time Facebook becoming popular in Sri Lanka. We created a Facebook account too. I thought Facebook is the best place to sell my services or products like my father is selling items in the grocery store in the village. The search for different sides from that lead me to this position now I am in. We expand our auxxme website from Facebook store to things like game development, web development, app development, page management.

I assume the sum of Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube individual income is enough to pay Sri Lanka’s debt. All those platforms were created by a person or a small group of people. So, I say if some lads in Sri Lanka create something like those, it will possible to play the whole debt of Sri Lanka. We also will able to remove that still developing label. We started auxxme with that vision.

You can not be an online entrepreneur only because you have a Facebook page and YouTube channel.

I share my 12 years of experience as a course now. This is an online platform that can pay the whole debt of the country. If the government helps me I will make a free syllabus to teach kids. If this platform will develop inside the country, even university students won’t have to search for jobs.

I had a wish that I have 6 number salary. Then comes a 7 number salary wish. I also achieved that.

I have a target to create 1000 Facebook accounts that each earns $1000 average amount. That is a 1 million dollar income. My main income is from Facebook. Tp bought from my suite and slippers to my vehicle, I earned in dollars. I can even pay the whole debt of Sri Lanka now.

Madushka Dissanayake

Content Writter – Our Economics

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