“Everybody said I am a drug dealer and I find tressures inside my house. They petitioned 3 times for stopping me from building the house”

I lived 18 – 20 years of my life in a house made of clay. Now when I am driving a vehicle, many people have questions. I had a dream to become a computer technician since my childhood but to have a computer at that time, you should have A lot of money. Forget about the computer, even we got electricity for our house when I was in grade 4 or 5. But I could learn from infotec international because my mother wants to fulfill my wish. Then the fever intensified. (It is the main reason why my desire increases for this field). Then I study IT for O/L. If I say how crazy it is, I spend the most time in the IT lab in school. I had the desire to buy a computer, disassemble and reassemble it. But even if I said to my parents about it they can’t afford it. The little salary my father got from his labor works and my mother’s self-employment(She did saw clothes prepare food for shops like works) paid all the expenditures of my house. I wanted to become rich in that situation. I wanted to see the happiness of my family and I wanted to make my mother like a queen because they couldn’t live peacefully with those problems.

I earn some money by sticking paper bags and buy the CPU. Grandmother bought me the monitor. That’s how I got my first desktop computer. I stuck with a new computer for 5 – 6 months and learn a lot. In my head, I had only the desire to become successful by it.

A son of my mothers’ friend Sandaruwan can assemble and repair computers well. I had learned how to do such things from him. By disassembling and reassembling my computer. Time went so quickly from 2008 to 2012. I worked one year in a mobile shop for one of my fathers’ friends. Then I moved to a computer shop in Polgahawela because of the reason that I lose the will to live in Polonnaruwa.

My life story changed at that place. I took advantage of the freedom I had in there. After I finished works in the computer shop, I had searched for many things. I didn’t even sleep some days. Internet connection was unlimited, finders are keepers. I found many sites that can earn money from them. But most of them are scams. My Fiverr account was banned and I had nothing to do. I hadn’t a skill to do a thing there. But I believe these sites can bring me success. That is confirmed by the Facebook posts of the Fiverr club (Now known as OECSL). I was heavily motivated by the photos of vehicles that members like Lasantha bought. I am thinking about what I am supposed to do next what are I should find while coming home by bus. I wrote everything in a book. I didn’t waste any second between 2012 – 2016.

I believed in myself at that point. I quit the job, came home, and started working. I didn’t sleep for three days at some time.

I bought a Dio bike in 2016 and drove home while crying. I was that happy. I was determined to not only buy a 4 wheel vehicle in 3 to 4 years but also buy my favorite vehicle. And that was Honda Civic EK3. At that time, I am earning money and our family was becoming normal slowly. 30% – 40% problems of our family had solved. When I said “I want to buy a vehicle” to my mother she said back ”Is there a place to park it without getting wet in the rain”. I realized what she means. So I started to build a house. How good the result depends on how hard you worked. My income increase continuously. When my house was built brick by brick, I didn’t want to sleep. That was awesome. As it was going like that I asked my mom “Now I can park the vehicle” hinting at my desire. Now I am ready for my next target.

Like I said how great the result depends on how hard you work. From my hard work, I could buy a 10 times better vehicle than what I wanted to buy. Kala, Harith, Ashan, Akila, Yashoda, and Udara helped me a lot to buy this car. It was a Honda Civic FD 1. I got a supercar but I didn’t even know how to drive properly. I didn’t cry when the car arrived home but did when worship the temple of the tooth holding key of the car in my hand. Not only happy but also I felt self-confident and I understood who I am. Now I am building a house and have a car. Many people didn’t like it. They petitioned three times and stopped building the house, broke the side mirrors of the Dio bike, broke the energy meter box, threw stones at the car. But I was happy because I understand who humans are at that time. Nothing can stop you until you doing the right thing. That is nature. Finished the first floor of the house. Probodhika, Uditha, and Chathuranga support me a lot to succeed that. One became two in 2019 and it helps me to keep my journey this good.

In 2020, I bought a BMW 520D Msport. That is what happens when the result of your previous works is coming. I never thought I will be able to buy a vehicle like that but here I am, sooner than I thought. What I have done and the nights I spent without sleeping become success. Whatever you doing do it right, Karma answers to that. They had spread many rumors. I am making counterfeit notes, selling drugs, found a tressure, and more. They knew I didn’t give up. Then my workload became hard to do by myself. Ceylon | Works, QUADD MARK started on May 2while facing a lot of problems like the corona. Around 15 members are working now in these two offices. We do digital marketing and graphic design.

Bought BMW i8 in 2021. I wanted it when I saw three vehicles of Lasantha’s brother on Infra. I change both mobile wallpaper and desktop wallpaper with BMW i8 photos. I hardly believe in the Law of Attraction. I knew the law in 2020 but I am using it since 2015. I had a huge wish to make 100 people like me in Polonnaruwa. But I doubt that because of the behaviors of these humans.

– Amila Gunawardhana –
Founder at Ceylon I Works
Co-Founder at QUADD MARK

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