An Inspiring Journey of a Young Entrepreneur Dinisu Indrachapa | Founder and CEO – Equest Institute of Higher Education

Dinisu Indrachapa was born on 18th September 1997 in a rural village, Nakiyadeniya, in the Galle District. He is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest and most influential entrepreneurs of all time.

Dinisu was raised in a middle-class family throughout his childhood. His father was a motor mechanic, and his mother was a vendor. Dinisu is the eldest child in a close-knitted family of five. He has a younger brother and a sister.

Dinisu Indrachapa

He attended Sri Dhammavasa Maha Vidyalaya in Galle upon completing his tertiary education. Dinisu excelled in Information Technology (IT) as an eminent student in school.

After graduating from Sri Dhammavasa Maha Vidyalaya in Galle, Dinisu worked as a three-month customer care assistant at a fruit vendor’s stall.

Next, he started to work at a communication service providing business in Galle. Finally, he quit his last job and started his career as a seller on eBay in 2014, which is now widely known as E-commerce entrepreneurship.

From childhood, he has always been interested in business and exploring new things. While selling products on eBay, he self-studied different areas such as marketing, digital marketing, branding, and E-commerce.

Finally, Dinisu realized that marketing is in his blood and his passion.

While working as a seller on eBay, Dinisu identified a common social-economic problem in society.

That is the low-income state.

Many Sri Lankan individuals are looking for extra opportunities to enhance their incomes. There is a huge demand in the job market for part-time job opportunities.

Dinisu realized that gap and took necessary actions for a new business model. Since he could have practically learned about the E-Commerce business on the eBay platform, he planned to introduce a fully-fledged course regarding eBay selling.

First of all, he got together with one of his closest friends in 2017 and started the organization, eClub Business College with the purpose of introducing eBay selling to the community. Next, another partner joined with eClub Business College and then Dinisu was able to level up the company within a year.

Dinisu’s core vision was to build the economy in Sri Lanka by building awareness of internet-based business development. But, the other partners of the company possessed a different vision. Consequently, Dinisu decided to quit the self-built company, eClub Business College.

Dinisu returned to his hometown Galle in 2019 and then started the organization, Equest International as a startup with the target of teaching eCommerce. After pursuing his vision, he was able to open a few branches in Kurunegala, Malabe, Panadura, and Nittambuwa within two years.

Later he decided to rename the company, Equest International to Equest Institute of Higher Education with the objective of starting a new chapter in his career as well in the company.

Equest Institute of Higher Education offers a wide array of courses including the Course on eBay selling.

Over 30,000 students have successfully completed different courses from Equest Institute of Higher Education. There are more than 1000 employees working for the Equest Institute of Higher Education.

Also, Dinisu is pretty in the field of cryptocurrency trading. He did not stop his hustle there. He has created numerous business ventures offering younger generations many business opportunities as well as job opportunities.

The following are a few of the business ventures that Dinisu is in.

  • Presitage
  • Equest Language Academy
  • Equest Entrepreneurship Academy

As he went on to create businesses and become successful, he did not forget about the people around him and took them alongside him to become successful.

At present, Dinisu Indrachapa is known as a social media activist, self-development trainer, and motivational speaker. His ultimate goal is to help the country as well as the people in need.

Consequently, he founded the organization, LIGHT UP FOUNDATION, a charity organization in 2022. The objective of establishing this foundation is to help the children of low-income families to complete their education goals by providing them with the essentials for school education.

Dinisu Indrachapacha is appreciated for making a positive impact on the education field in Sri Lanka. As one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, there are many lessons to learn from his life story.

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