Anyone Only a Computer and an Internet Connection to be Needed for Succeeding – Lasantha Wickramasinghe

Once he said “Anyone only a computer and an internet connection to be needed for succeeding” These words rises my curiosity. It’s encouraged me to search for this man’s whole life story. He is the most humble person that I have ever seen.

His name is Lasantha Wickramasinha and he was born in Willgamuwa, Mathale. He had to go to Kandy with his family because his father got a workplace transfer. After studying at Kristhudeva College Mathale, he entered Darmaraja College Kandy.

He wrote the A/L examination in the physical science stream. He was only able to get one pass in the first shy. The situation even worse in the second shy, he was unable to pass any subject.

However, he got a job in the museum department for Rs. 8000 monthly salaries. He was starting to learn about online jobs meanwhile it was getting nobody’s attention among the new generation.

“First, I started freelancing on Fiverr. Next, I joined the Adsense program. I could buy domains and hosting because I earn about 5 dollars a week from Fiverr. About 300 websites I created from 2005 to 2008.

I had a lot of works that can’t do myself in 2008. So I hired two employees to do SEO works. That is how Builtapps Business Solutions started in my house upstairs. We created over 1000 websites after 5 years.” He said.

When the workload increasing more he decided to quit his current job and become a full-time freelancer. He chooses an office and started his works. He also gets into software engineering.

“I always wanted to export something that made in Sri Lanka and earn foreign currency. I had searched for investors. I understand nobody invests in my business until they have the proper knowledge.

But I didn’t give up. I send over 300 proposals two years before the starting of the company but one company says they can’t invest but they like to offer some projects to do if I like.

They gave a small project first. I only needed two developers to the task. The whole project was done with my money in my Kandy office. After a month, the New Zealand company that the projects gave us, satisfies about overworks. They also gave 3 more projects and say to hire more developers. I hired 8 developers in two months.

After three months, they call me and say they will invest in our business and make me a shareholder of theirs.

I finished their work in New Zealand and come back with three more projects. I hired 42 developers in 3 months I had managed that money to support startups. I also started five more companies. I did a lot of things since the zero starts but I couldn’t reach that level from the first try.

If you have a startup idea like me and think someone will invest in it, that won’t happen. Many of them give up after they can’t develop their idea. I say if there is not a road to go, we can build one.

I am not a rich one with my birth. But I managed my incomes and work so hard for like 15 years and that made these old things. Everybody doesn’t have short ways their own. You should make your way.

Now we have 75 employees in 6 offices. If you have the courage and energy to work hard, you can make your dreams true in only five years. Work hard and you will see.”

Now he is an owner of several institutes. Also, a lot of foreign currency comes from his business. He is the founder of the Online entrepreneurs’ group that has more than 100 000 members now. Also, he is the brand ambassador of Payoneer Sri Lanka.

 – Lasantha Wikramasinghe –

(Content Owner – Our Economics)

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