Xiaomi has Updated their logo. Spent 300000$ to hire the Designer.

Xiaomi, a Chinese software company, is known for its boldness. The business is known for its strange and marvelous gadgets, which range from translucent TVs to USB-powered fish tanks (seriously). Prepare to be surprised if you were waiting for the latest branding, which was unveiled at the company’s ‘Super Launch Celebration,’ to be as revolutionary as its products.

Xiaomi unveiled a “brand new” logo – which is actually its old logo with slightly rounded edges – at a 20-minute show (insert joke about the company cutting corners). Let’s just say the current concept isn’t exactly a source of logo inspiration.

They used mathematics to make the logo a Perfect in-between of a square and a round shape. The reputation of the designer and the Xiaomi brand value makes it expensive.Spent 300000$ to hire the Designer.


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