Sahan Akalanka, The Founder Of The Athens International Institute Of Education, Commends The Students Who Scored 200 Marks In The Scholarship Examination.

For the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, 10 children scored 200 marks in the scholarship examination.

Sahan Akalanka, the founder of the Athens International Institute of education, offered scholarships and donated 10 laptops to these 10 children to study up to GCE O/L.Actually this is worth to be appreciated..


“Actually the students who faced the 2020 scholarship were the ones who went to school the least, and the ones who spent the least amount of time studying. I think they were great. On the other hand, why did ten children recorded the highest mark?
I personally think these children found their freedom. I think they advanced their knowledge through it. This is a good example for other parents as well. Why? If there weren’t corona diseases, do children really have freedom? Think.
Endless classes, pressure, competition. This time there was nothing. Right?
We have a lot to think because of this corona virus”

-Sahan Akalanka –
(Founder- Athens International Education Centre)

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