Meet Creators of BaduDeal, who introduced Crypto and PayPal payments first time in Sri Lanka

At a challenging time when we’re all staying in our homes because of the current pandemic, it’s worthwhile for us to order everything online and have it delivered to our doorstep without any hassle. This story is about a wonderful online business initiated in a time of need! It is a business that has a name anyone can remember once they hear it, and it makes them want to explore the business because of its name.

Badudeal, an online business that sells mobile phones, mobile phone parts, computers,
computer parts, laptops, home appliances and even office appliances.

In a brief span of 10 months, BaduDeal has been attracting a delighting a large number of customers by providing them with a high level of customer satisfaction. The growing customer base is a testament to their excellent customer service and exclusive offers.

Ashan Madusanka Gamage and Vindana Sandun, two young entrepreneurs in our country, are the two founders of this wonderful business. Ashan Gamage is a Software Developer by
profession and a Business Enthusiast. This 32-year-old young entrepreneur is also the founder of several other businesses, including Nine Labs Lanka (PVT) Ltd, which provides IT services to various countries including Singapore and Australia. Vindana Sandun is an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist, Content Creator and Tech Enthusiast, he is now 27 years old. He has supported businesses and brands to enhance their digital marketing presence through his strategies.

Ashan Madusanka Gamage
Ashan Madusanka Gamage
Vindana Sandun

The obvious difference when comparing BaduDeal with other businesses is that they break
away from the conventional marketing promotional framework and take their business to the customer in a more- friendly and accessible manner. The founders make sure that their
after-sales service is greater than any other major company. As we were curious to know the reason behind their excellent after-sales service, we asked the two creators of BaduDeal and here is what we heard from them.

We actually initiated planning our business from the end of 2018. At that time, we often saw on social media that many stores were selling mobile phones and electronics at unreasonably high prices and the customers were not getting any after-sales service. Looking at some of these weaknesses as well as the opportunities in the market, we did a great amount of market research for another two years, we learned how to do it right and we are so happy and proud to say the results of our research is BaduDeal.

Facebook is our strongest marketing platform and we will be launching a website and a mobile app in the near future. Most of the things we sell on Facebook are purchased by individuals between the ages of 16 – 40. We designed and developed our marketing model to approach the exact audience on social media, and our strategy was 100% successful. We have come a long way in our journey in a very short time and we are humbly proud of our journey.

According to the insights of our market research, most stores do not offer the right and required guidance to a customer when choosing the mobile phone or computer, so as a response to this we have introduced a forum where any customer can inquire and ask any problem or concern they have in choosing a product, In addition, we made our communication model easier by facilitating our customers to contact us via WhatsApp or phone when there is a concern or a problem.

Imagine that you are buying a laptop from us at BaduDeal. When you purchase it, you will
receive it within three working days regardless of your location in Sri Lanka. 95% of our orders are received by the customers within 24 hours. Now, think you encounter an issue with the laptop, here are the simple solutions we offer in our business model.

1. You can simply post your problem in our support forum. A team of 15 technical
assistants is waiting to assist you in this matter. In fact, one of them will definitely call you
or solve your problem through Teamviewer.

2. You can call our customer service number at any time or send a WhatsApp message,
you will receive a call from our technical support team shortly thereafter to support you
with your issue.

3. If none of the above solves your problem, a member of our technical support team will
visit your home and solve your problem despite where you live in Sri Lanka. We are the
first and only Sri Lankan online store to offer such a service and our staff is highly
professional and well-experienced.


The next most important thing is that we accept payments made from Cryptocurrency and
Paypal. We are the first Sri Lankan Online Store to introduce this payment method. Whatever you buy from us, we will give you the best possible discount or we even give valuable gift packages to our customers hence we say without fear, ‘We are doing our best.’

We always wanted to offer the best service to our customers, so we think we are doing our level best to delight our customers. At BaduDeal, we are always driven to hear positive feedback from our customers, we will be doing more in the near future where customers find it ‘wow’. Because this is actually the beginning of our long journey and there are so many that we are planning to do.”

This is the story two creators of BaduDeal told us about their beginning and the journey so far. If you are looking for a reliable place to buy a mobile, computer or accessory do not forget to visit our store.

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