McDonald’s Layoffs May Begin Soon As Fast-Food Giant Temporarily Shuts US Offices.

McDonald’s, a global fast-food chain, has reportedly made the decision to temporarily close all of its offices in the United States this week as it prepares for a round of layoffs.

The company is set to inform its corporate employees about staffing decisions virtually, requesting that all US employees and some international staff work from home from Monday through Wednesday. In addition, McDonald’s has cancelled all in-person meetings with vendors and outside parties at its headquarters.

The decision to lay off staff is expected to be announced on Wednesday as part of a broader company restructuring. McDonald’s employs over 15,000 people globally in corporate roles and its owned restaurants, with 70% of them located in the US.

This is not the first time that the company has conducted layoffs, having done so in 2018 as part of a move to become “more dynamic, nimble, and competitive.”

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