Emirates and Dilmah Tea celebrate 30 years of partnership

For the last 30 years, Emirates and Dilmah Tea have collaborated to brew the best teas on board and in Emirates’ airport lounges across the world. To commemorate International Tea Day, all Emirates customers flying from Dubai on Saturday will get a unique tea package.

On Saturday, First Class passengers flying to the United Kingdom will be treated to a cuisine paring, and Emirates’ Onboard Lounge will serve Dilmah Tea-infused mocktails. Customers flying on Saturday will receive a unique tea bag with three flavors: Ceylon Breakfast, an Emirates exclusive Turmeric Coconut and Vanilla, and the traditional Earl Grey with Honey.

Emirates’ Brilliant Breakfast tea, made by Dilmah creator and passionate tea maker Memill Femando, will be served in First Class and will be coupled with the afternoon tea service on board.

For vegetarians, Moroccan Mint Green tea pairs beautifully with Labneh, a tart and creamy yoghurt, and roast veggies. Sencha Green Extra Special Tea pairs nicely with sushi and shellfish because of its fresh delicate flavor and smooth, herbal finish with a hint of sweetness.

“Emirates focuses on recipes that emphasize fresh, high-quality ingredients. Every detail is important to us, and the quality of the tea we serve our consumers is no exception.Dilmah Tea has been provided in all of our cabins for 30 years, demonstrating its quality and our delight with the ideal cup of tea. We have a fantastic working relationship with Dilmah and have evolved together over the past 30 years. “Our fleet uses over 9.6 million tea bags per year, with over 10 tea kinds available, including an unique Emirates Signature Tea offered in First Class,” stated Thomas Ney, DSVP, Service Delivery at Emirates.

“For 30 years, we’ve built a tea-inspired cooperation with Emirates, delivering clients a distinctly Emirates tea experience,” Dilhan C. Fernando, son of Dilmah Founder and CEO of the family business, noted. We created a tea that is both unique and spectacular to commemorate the Pearl Anniversary of our tea collaboration. Handpicked from tea plants that had been prepared for months and made into a numbered limited edition tea, this seasonal tea has amazing refinement. Our collaboration with Emirates genuinely showcases the elegance of excellent tea, as well as contemporary, tea-inspired hospitality (in the form of tea mocktails and meal pairings). We’ve been creating these unique encounters for Emirates passengers for the past 30 years, whether on the ground in its lounges throughout the world or at 40,000 feet, and this year is no exception. We’re thrilled to have the unique 30-year mix on board Emirates’ fleet.”

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