Dhammika Perera earn Rs. 727 million dividend income from Vallibel and Hayleys Companies.

Vallibel One PLC and Hayleys PLC are the two companies that billionaire Dammika Pereira has majority shares, publish their dividends for the last financial quarter on 31st December 2020.

Here, Vallibel One PLC publishes its first interim dividend as 50 cents for a share on 22nd February 2021, and Hayleys PLC published a second interim dividend as Rs. 1 for a share on 29th March.

689 726 471 shares were written in front of Dammika Perera’s name when 31st December 2020. According to that he paid 50 cents for a share and had 344.86 million rupees dividend income.

Dammika Perera also owns 38 259 697 shares of Heyleys PLC on 31st of December 2020 and it will become 382 596 970 shares because of the sub-division of Hayleys PLC shares. According to that, he will have a total of 382.59 million rupees by Rs. 1 for share from Hayleys PLC.

As it is Mr. Dhammika Perera received over 727 million rupees from his own two main companies which are Vallibel One PLC and Hayleys PLC.

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